Fisty's Fucking Motors - Ride Through Hell

Hell Track  'Ride Like Hell'  Sim: Steel Horse Saloon  (Full Sim) Owner: Fisty Lowtide -

Fisty's Fucking Motors, Co-Owner The Legend Bikes - '666% Badass'
Teleport to Hell Track Average Length of Ride: 15 minutes Meters up: 2500 meters (complete track timed)  Level of difficulty:Intermediate Mesh Track Timed Track, Cars & Cycles allowed  Points of interest during ride:Fisty's Fucking Motors Store - 'Evil Rides Built with Class' 
Last updated - 05.20.2017
Motorcycle Tracks of Second Life
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Misfit Hellionz MC - Neutral Riding Sim
Link to Misfit Hellionz
Special Notes
Length or Ride: 5 minutes
Last updated: 06/30/2016

Damnation MC - The Dagger Family 
Link to The Dagger Family 
Special Notes:
Length of Ride: 12 minutes
Last updated: 07/07/2016

Home of Hells Belles
Link to Hells Belles
Special Notes:
Length of Ride: 12 minutes on 3rd
Last updated: June 14, 2016

Legends MC, Kings Canyon
Link to Legends Track
Special Notes: 
Length of Ride: 15 minutes to top on 3rd
Last updated: 06/07/2016

Rally Alley
Link to Rally Alley 
Special Notes: 
Length of Ride: 20 minutes on 3rd
Last …